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Textile Chemistry and Dyeing & Finishing Engineering

Textile Chemistry and Dyeing & Finishing Engineering has granted the right to confer the doctoral degree in the year of 1986, rated as A+ discipline in the fourth-round discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education, entered key construction discipline list of “211 Project” by the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Municipal Key Discipline list, national Double First-Class Construction Discipline list and Shanghai first-class discipline (type A) list.


The discipline of chemistry at Donghua University has always been an important supporting fundamental discipline since 1951, when the University was founded. The doctorate program was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2011, and a post-doctoral research center was established in September, 2014. Since the year of 2010, the chemistry discipline at Donghua University has repeatedly been listed as the top 1% chemistry programs worldwide based on Thomson Reuters’ Essential Science Indicators (ESI).

Biomaterials Science

The Biomaterials Science doctoral program of Donghua University is a interdisciplinary secondary doctoral program established in 2007, which has 44 professors and associate professors, including a total of 20 doctoral supervisors. The research areas of Biomaterials Science focus on biomaterials and tissue engineering, diagnostic materials and technology, materials and technology for drug delivery, biomedical optics and photonics, biofabrication, etc. The Biomaterials Science discipline takes advantages of chemistry, materials and textile disciplines of Donghua University to carry out independent research and development and realize the industrialization of scientific research achievements. The main task of Biomaterials Science doctoral program is to cultivate senior interdisciplinary talents with the knowledge of material science, life science and clinical medicine, with strong experimental and design ability, and engaged in the research and development of biomaterials and products.