Undergraduate Students

Textile Chemical Engineering (including Sino-German Cooperation)

Textile chemistry engineering is the first National Characteristic Discipline and the first batch of“Outstanding Engineer Training Program” of the Ministry of Education. In 2019, the discipline was selected as the first-class undergraduate specialty construction site of national“Double Ten Thousand Plan”. By the World Textile Education Authority organization-the British Textile Institute recognition, textile chemistry engineering has reached the international advanced level.

Applied chemistry

Applied Chemistry has been graded as National First-class Undergraduate Discipline. Based on chemistry and chemical engineering, the discipline features three subdivisions: fine organic chemicals, functional polymers, and green chemistry and chemical engineering. Professional courses are reasonably set to highlight the importance of experiment, research training and engineering practice teaching, to improve students’ innovative and practical ability, and to enhance students’ social adaptability and competitive ability. Students graduated from this discipline are expected to have solid and systematic basic knowledge in applied chemistry, superb hand-on skills, and to be competent in independent scientific research, production administration, and product development.


The Bioengineering major capitalizes on the economic advantages from Shanghai’s biomedical industry. The major builds upon biomolecular research, combining many disciplines to form directions such as biomedicine, tissue engineering, microbial fermentation, and biomolecular detection. Our student training follows the motto solid foundation advances one’s ability. Specifically, we employ creativity, experiment and practical training to comprehensively enhance students' ability. The major consists of two academic master's programs (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biomedical engineering) and one professional master's program in Biomedicine. Our highly competitive faculty, combined with superior teaching hardware and software, maintain many strong domestic and international collaborations.