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Key Laboratory of Science & Technology of Eco-Text

Key Laboratory of Science & Technology of Eco-Textile, Ministry of Education

 Key Laboratory of Science & Technology of Eco-Textile, Ministry of Education,which was approved to establish by the Ministry of Education in Dec 2005, is the only Key Laboratory that engages in eco-textile research. The laboratory is based on the research on application base of the entire textile system. The laboratory is developed with the joint effort of two universities with distinctive characteristics that belong to the Ministry of Education ---Donghua University and Jiangnan University.

  Key Laboratory of Science Technology of Eco-Textile, Ministry of Education owns an outstanding research team including an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, two groups of Education Ministry Innovation Team, two Yangtze River Scholar Award Scheme professors, two National Outstanding Youth Foundation Winners. In addition, the research team possesses many experts who engage in textile engineering and materials science, chemical and dyeing and finishing of textile engineering, textile biology, ecology and environmental science. Currently, Professor Mao Zhiping is the director of the laboratory and Academician Zhou Xiang is the director of Academic Committee of the laboratory.

  Key Laboratory of Science Technology of Eco-Textile, Ministry of Education is committed to Textile Ecology research focused on the impact of the textile chain on the ecological environment and coordination relationship between the textile and ecological environment. It is designated to promote the sustainable development of the textile ndustry of China.

  The laboratory highly values cooperation in research both nation-wide and internationally. It also emphasizes multi-disciplinary cross and penetration. We have established long term cooperation relationship with many famous domestic and foreign universities and research institutions. The laboratory has set up public fund which encourages and invites researchers from all relevant areas of domestic and foreign researchers around the world to conduct collaborative research with our laboratory and to jointly promote the development of science of ecological textile. In terms of training graduate students, we put a lot of attention to broadening their knowledge framework and interdisciplinary training. The laboratory has established collaborations with different universities, including several foreign universities. Domestically, the laboratory strives to establish collaboration with large enterprise groups, which have major impact on the national economy. These collaborations have promoted the laboratory's discipline construction and development, and contributed to the development of national economy.