Department of Applied Chemistry

Department of Applied Chemistry

Chair:  Professor Xie Kongliang

Department of Applied Chemistry was founded in 1978 and focuses on teaching and scientific research in applied chemistry. The discipline ofApplied Chemistry is authorized to confer degrees of bachelor and master of engineering. The  department has thirteen faculties and staffs, including two full  professors (one doctoral supervisor) and seven associate professors.

Our  major work consists of research and investigation on textile  auxiliaries, special textile fine chemicals, biological polymers,  synthesis of new medicines, green synthesis of organic chemicals,  materials for new medicines. Moreover, the department has also conducted  much work on surfactants, dyes, pigments, electronic chemicals, medical  intermediates, new medicines (synthetic medicines, natural medicines  and polypeptide medicines), synthesis and application of microcapsules  and biodegradable polymers. Attention has also been paid to applications  of new technologies, such as antibacterial, mould-proof and enzyme  technologies in textile fields.

Since its foundingthe  programs has been the source of many outstanding research achievements  and won numerous awards from both nation-wide and within the city of  Shanghai in areas such as high-solid self-crosslinking polyacrylic acid  for aqueous coatings, type II PAN fiber and its applications, flame retarding fabric and multi-functional surface treatment, conductive fabric, TU-88 conductive fibers, and LM-AES anti-static fabric.