Department of Textile Chemical Engineering

Department of Textile Chemical Engineering

Chair: Professor Mao Zhiping

Department of Textile Chemical Engineering was found in 1951. As one of the earliest teaching & science research institutes of textile chemistry in China it offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and provides postdoctoral program. Subject in textile chemistry and dyeing finishing is the national and Shanghai municipal key discipline. The National Research for Dyeing and Finishing, the Key Laboratory of Textile Fabric Science and Technology of Ministry of Education (dyeing and finishing division)  and the Key Laboratory of Eco-Textile of Ministry of Education are the three important research bases in the department.

After  generations of united effort, cooperation and hard work, Department of  Textile Chemical Engineering has obtained rapid development. Qualified  professors, well-equipped facilities in both teaching and scientific  research make the departmentan important base for talent training and  research in textile chemistry and dyeing & finishing. There are  eighteen associate professors and professors in the Department of  Textile Chemical Engineering including one academician of China Academy  of Engineering, one professor for Thousand Talent Plan, one CheungKong  Professor, and seven Ph.D supervisors. Department of Textile Chemical  Engineering has established strong relationships and great cooperation  with many international universities and multinational companies.