Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Chair: Professor Xing Yanjun

The Department of Fundamental Chemistry has a long history, a solid reputation and a bright future. It offers both teaching disciplines and research in fundamental and applied chemistry. As a department focused on teaching, the  chemistry department provides the opportunity for undergraduate  students to obtain a thorough fundamental knowledge in all fields of  chemistry. In addition to general areas of chemistry, lectures are also  offered in specialized areas including colloid and surface chemistry,  medicinal chemistry. Our courses provide the chemical foundation for all  science and engineering students and help broadening their  understanding about the structure and properties of matter.

The  department consists of five academic units, namely, Division of  Inorganic chemistry, Division of Analytic chemistry, Division of Organic  Chemistry, Division of Physical chemistry, and Shanghai Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of fundamental Chemistry. The department presently comprises twenty two faculty members and five technical staffs The department is responsible for many important projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation and many other funding resources.

Our research programs are involved in fluorine chemistry, organic synthesis for bioactive compounds, inorganic functional material, and related fields. Organic chemistry is ranked as key discipline of Donghua university with innovative features.

   The Experimental Center of fundamental Chemistry was made the Shanghai experimental teaching demonstration centre of fundamental chemistry in 2005. It features a large array of routine and specialized instrumentation including UV-VIS and IR spectrophotometry, polarimetry, high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), and gas chromatography (GC).  Department instrumentation is exceptionally well-maintained through the combined skills of our staff members, that are experts in the operation, maintenance, and improvement of modern research instrumentation.

Adhering  to the principle of “Seeking Precision, Truth and Innovation”, the  department of Chemistry strongly emphasizes matching teaching and  research activities with students’ educational needs. It prepares  students with sound knowledge and skills as future scientists, engineers  and other professionals pursuing career.