Research Centers
NERC for Dyeing & Finishing of Textiles

NERC for Dyeing Finishing of Textiles

The National Engineering Research Center(NERC) for Dyeing and Finishing of Textiles sponsored by Donghua University was constituted in June 2000 by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. The president of management commission is the president of Donghua University, Professor Xu Mingzhi. The director of technical committee is Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Zhou Xiang. The director of the Center is Professor Yan Kelu.

In order to adapt the needs of market economy, reform of the research organization was put into practice by the Engineering Center. Shanghai Handa Dyeing and Finishing Co. Ltd. was set up by the Donghua Universtiy.

Establishment  of the Center was sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology  of the P.R.C in response to the recent development of textile and  industrialized situation. The aim and tasks of the Engineering Center  are to solve the bottleneck problems in the transfer of the dyeing and  finishing achievements from laboratory to industrialization, to bridge  the industrial channel of dyeing and finishing between “up stream” and  “down stream” processes, and to promote the development of textile  industry.

The  Center focuses its efforts on researching and developing the high-tech  dyeing and finishing of textiles, the industrializations of the related  achievements, training the high quality engineering technicians and  managers,  and  organizing the international communication and cooperation on science  and technology. In addition to these activities, the center also master  and doctoral level programs and accepts the post-doctoral researchers.

The  Center is opened to the correlative enterprises for research, design,  and test their products, and provides them with technology consultation.