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Dean’s Message

The College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology (CCEB) of DonghuaUniversity  offers an educational and research experience in the dyeing &  finishing engineering, chemical sciences and biological sciences that is  enriched with challenges and opportunities for undergraduate, graduate  and postgraduate students. CCEB has provided the national leadership in  education and research of dyeing & finishing engineering. As  chemistry and biology are truly the core science and underpin much of  the efforts of scientists and engineers to improve the quality of life  for humankind, CCEB has made a lot of effort on the development of  chemistry and biology disciplines in recent years, and some remarkable  progress have been made in these fields.

    Our  goal is to empower our students to become tomorrow's scientific and  technical leaders. Toward this end, we foster excellence in teaching and  participate in world-class research with the goal of promoting  preeminence at the cutting edge. We welcome you to join us on this  exciting journey into the future.